Welcome to Chadford New City. Home to two book series and a place to go for a fresh start, healing and hope

All New City books can be read in any order. All standalone romances with a guaranteed Happy Ever After, they’re full of love, drama, sex, kink, consent, and life, all set in this fictional city.

All content warnings are in the Amazon blurbs, just click the link for more info.

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Mutual Beginnings  slow burn friends to lovers

 Victoria undone  redemption and self-discovery

Prelude to Hope  second chance popstar

A Good Night’s Sleep  introverted D/ and extroverted sub clash

The Way Home  enemies to lovers

Saving Suzy  Femdom and healing from grief

Getting a Life  enemies to lovers

No Cure Required  Disabled heroine in a romantic suspense


A New City Story series is a collection of standalone shorter works available on Amazon KindleUnlimited

available in ebook

Mutual Beginnings


Hannah’s life is a mess. After an ugly breakup, she tries to make some changes, but when she meets the quiet and introverted Lance at a New’s Eve party, she struggles to make them.

Though their friendship means everything to her, she falls in love with him, despite herself. Keeping her feelings in check to maintain their friendship tears her apart because she’s sure of one thing; the feeling isn’t mutual.

available in ebook

Victoria Undone1569932973

Victoria is not a good person. When her actions lead to irrecoverably losing the only person she ever cared for, she enters a plan of action to become a better person. Volunteering at a dog rescue centre seems ideal, but the man who runs it might be the only person capable of undoing her completely.

Victoria Undone is a standalone continuation of Getting a Life, book four of the New City Series, and is a character redemption story.

available in ebook

Prelude to Hope


Liana has everything. Fame, success and money. But she isn’t happy. Increasingly trapped in her pop princess status, and after a terrible tour, she seeks a way out. When an invite to an old friend’s wedding comes, she makes a plan to extricate herself from her vile manager.

Meeting her first love at the wedding brings up the past, and seeking to put it right, she tells Gabriel the truth, but they only have the weekend together unless they take the risk for more.

Upcoming titles TBA!


New City Series is a collection of novels available in KindleUnlimited

Available in ebook and print.

A Good Night’s Sleep


Effie Baxter leaves home for a new life in Chadford city after a devastating humiliation at the hands of her ex, leaving her family and best friend behind.

Friendly and sweet, she knocks on her new neighbour’s door to make friends. Except the man who opens that door is miserable and mean, but gorgeous.


Stuart just wants to sleep, his chronic insomnia is killing him, and the gorgeous little redhead that knocked on his door wasn’t helping matters. That was until after a drunken night in she became his cure.

However, Stuart’s impulses and sexual desires repulse him, making it difficult to do what he wants the most, and make Effie his.
Between Effie and her best friend, they make a mission out of helping Stuart, but life doesn’t go to plan for Effie, or for Stuart.
How can Stuart get over himself, and put the mess he makes of things right?


Available in print and ebook

The Way Home


Em Riley was queen of her life once, but caring for the father she never knew before his death made her take stock.
Facing the past, reassessing the choices she made, and facing up to the anxiety and depression she lives with, puts her on hold.

She needs to get on with her life, and ‘Mr Tall Dark and Scowls’ who moves into her street, might be what she needs to do that. But they both have secrets, and sometimes you can’t get beyond them.

Ryan, ex-army, double amputee, and rehab specialist, can’t shake the feeling that he’s met the pin-up girl before, but learning the truth is hard to take, especially considering he struggles to make friends, never mind have relationships.
How can they reconcile the past, and deny the visceral attraction between them? Neither of them is ready for what’s in store, and what they find in each other.


available in print and ebook

Saving Suzy



Suzy Martin doesn’t need fixing. She doesn’t want a relationship, and she’s happy with who she is. Estranged from her family with a difficult past, she lives two lives: work Suzy, and Domme. What she does need is a man who’ll let her take control and who shares her sexual desires. Easier said than done. When she meets Nathan Maxwell, her temporary boss, she thinks she’s found the perfect short-term fling.

Submitting to a woman never occurred to the young widower, but Suzy takes Nathan on a journey of self-discovery of his sexuality and helps him move on from his grief. She is everything he never knew he wanted and is willing to change his life for her. It’s a shame the buttoned-up vixen that drives him wild won’t even listen.

Nathan’s only in Chadford for a few months before he moves on, and as much as he wants more from Suzy, she can’t give it to him, can she?


available in ebook and print

Getting a Life

15407176011540720577A story of hope and love, of healing and new beginnings after hardship.

Rebecca Crest did the scariest thing of her life by giving evidence in court against her family, and it cost her everything, but with the chance to begin again in a new city, she can be whomever she wants. She never expected to fall in love and find the family she always needed.

Arthur Hulston wasn’t happy. His business and the wealth he’s worked for is everything he thought he wanted, only something was missing. The young woman his mother takes in like a stray is an inconvenience, but her bright, hopeful nature and goodness might be exactly what he needs.

Her goodness also keeps them apart, plus his social-climbing snob of a cousin, and ex-girlfriend have other plans for Arthur.

How will they get the timing right, and be ready for what might be?


available in print and ebook

No Cure Required

15464312941570526863Willow Morris lives with a disabling illness that’s changed her life, but events at home force her to make a break for a new life. Chadford promises so much for her, but a man, especially an intimidating one who reminds her of the past was the last thing she wanted.

Matt Denbridge has everything he needs but as a pansexual dominant, he struggles to connect with others. Meeting the vulnerable, sweet and beautiful Willow changes that, but she needs help and care, and he knows he’s the one to give it to her.

When her past, and his ex catch up with them both, it threatens the delicate bond they have.

How can she reconcile her desire and submit to another man, and how can he convince her she’s safe?


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Three best friends each find love in this hot and steamy anthology along with a bonus short. Lots of kink, humour, love and angst.



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