Lay Me Down in Ivy

Book cover: woman lying back surrounded by ivy

Ben Ashby lost the thing he didn’t want, his ancestral seat and the burden of his late father’s debts. Selling it off to the mysterious Lady Wickstead seemed to solve all his problems. Now living in a small cottage with his sister and mother, Ben takes a job and tries to forge a new life.

When he meets the veiled woman, he’s bewitched by her ethereal appearance, and they forge a tentative friendship. The discovery of more debts and fraud lands Ben in further difficulties that spiral out of control, and Lady Wickstead makes him an offer, one that would test his self-control.

Lady Augusta Wickstead, tired of London, travels to her new estate hoping for clean air, space and peace. And though she finds it, she still feels caged. The scars of her past and those on her face cause rumours and gossip wherever she goes. Mr Ashby ignites the hidden parts of Augusta, making her want things she vowed to never have, but when she’s the only person who can save him and his family, Augusta risks everything and offers him a deal; marriage.

With his vow of never touching her lying between their burgeoning relationship, the binds and limits of Augusta’s new-found world are tested to the limit.

Content Notes:

Femdom W/m. Marriage of convenience. Sick bed vigil. Vow of never touching. Pining. Friends to lovers. Rich/poor. Gothic vibes. Victorian historical. Cinnamon roll virgin MC. Mystery of the past. Scarred woman with PTSD. bare knuckle fighting.


REFERENCES TO: past spousal abuse and cruelty. Grievous injury. Attempted Murder. Murder. Alcohol abuse. Gambling. English colonial cruelty.

ON PAGE: PTSD. Near death experience. Fighting. Intrigue and peril. Graphic kink including: D/s Femdom. Obedience. Light humiliation. Restraints. Consensual face slapping. Masturbation. PIV. Pegging. Oral. Impact play with crop and biting. Edging. Ropework. Penis torture. Dildos. Chastity torture device. Studding.

Available to buy in ebook and print 27th June 2022. Available in KU

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