From June’s prompts, and late to be uplaoded, here is a 250 word flash.

CW: Contains sadness and tragedy of the road.

At a quarter past eleven, the best comeback entered Pete’s thoughts. The fight with Abbie had been going on for a week.

A week.

With a huff he pulled on some clothes and stomped down out of his building, jamming on his bike helmet.

Revving his engine a few times, he pulled out of the garages and into the quiet dark.

His bike cut through the silence, and in his hurry, he took the parkway.

Either side of him, along the narrow road, darkness hid the beauty of the wild park. Pete always loved it. He and Abbie had their first real date there, a picnic. He’d been chased by wasps for ten minutes, and they ended up having a mad snogging session in his car.

He smiled as he rounded a sharp bend. Instead of continuing their fight, he wanted to kiss her and pull her close.

He saw it too late.

The beams of the car hit him hard at the peak of a hill, blinding his vision. Driving in the middle of the lane, the car weaved a little. Pete swerved to avoid them, but too late.

The car struck the bike in a crunching squeal that barely registered as he vaulted over the car. The bike went in one direction, and him in another.

All he thought as he flew, rolling in a blur, was that it was a shame he’d never see Abbie again. Or kiss her. Or say he was sorry.


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